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Reliable Hosting

In the cloud, your websites and emails are more reliable. Your data is automatically mirrored on several different devices. Unlimited space for your emails and the web. Excellent connectivity to the network. Fast and reliable technical support. The perfect choice for you.

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Active Users (over 1M)

Active Users (over 300k)



Unlike most other cloud storage providers, only you control who has access to your data. With our real-time file synchronisation and versioning features, your data is always safe and recoverable.

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upgrade Your

company style

We'll show you how to take care of building trust with people who use your products thanks to your strong branding and consistent customer experience. That is the most important.

Ejlat, 24th April



These are projects that are based on revolutionary technologies, respect the free use of information and bring benefits to users. We think these projects deserve us and your support.  Project Tor | Seamonkey | The Pirate Bay 

Helping You

start better business

Prepare, set and go! We'll help you improve your business. With our concept of trade, promotion, adversiting, and sales on the internet, there is no better place to start a business than here and there is no better time than now.

Improve Your

data security

Security is not a state, but a process. Protecting your data, tools and procedures from cyber threats requires constant effort, know-how and, above all, high-quality personnel. We can do it.